CNN Liberal Bias


A day before the Clinton / Trump election


The best time to see if a so-called "news" outlet is truly biased or unbiased is right before an election. Sure enough, CNN showed their true colors without any hesitation. Perhaps it's no surprise that Time Warner was one of Hillary Clinton's top 10 donors and CNN is bundled into their basic cable package.


You don't know what you don't see. The top story on Drudge Report was president Obama's encouraging of illegal immigrants to vote. CNN did not even cover it! See the screenshot of CNN's website below.


1) "FBI clears Clinton - again" - This was actually yesterday's news, still being reported as CNN's top story.


2) "Opinion: How much damage has FBI done" - CNN is already blaming the FBI for any drop in Clinton poll numbers. Why not talk about the fact that Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails after a congressional subpoena? Whether the FBI found evidence is a red herring. And why not talk about how much damage the media has done to Trump?


3) "Obama turns campaign dynamo" - CNN putting Obama in a positive light. Why not have a positive GOP story?


4) "Lawmaker: Trump claim was way off" - CNN again blaming Trump attacking Hillary's emails. Again, why not talk about the fact that Hillary Clinton destroyed 30,000 emails after a congressional subpoena?


5) "Virginia county is warning to GOP" - CNN talking about how Virginia is a blue state. Why not talk about a red state?


6) "GOP Strategist: Clinton will win" - Why not talk about how someone says Trump will win?


7) "Clinton leads in new NH, PA polls" - Why not talk about how Trump is winning in other states?


8) "Senator slams new Trump ad" - Why not report on someone slamming a Hillary ad or someone praising a Trump ad?


9) "Trump on military leaders: Losers" - Why not report on how Trump is very pro-Vet? Why not report on military leaders who support Trump?


CNN did not publish one single positive story on Trump. Clearly CNN wanted to shape people's opinions in favor of Hillary Clinton by cherry picking what they reported on and creating sensationalism.


In retrospect, it was radio that got FDR elected, and TV that got JFK elected. It was Internet that got Trump elected. These days most people actually get their news from the Internet, and their are plenty of alternative news sites which provide opposing viewpoints. DrudgeReport.com gets 50+ million hits per day. InfoWars, previously relegated to kooky conspiracy theory stories, suddenly became relevant.




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