2/25/2021 Update on estimating herd immunity


29.052 million reported coronavirus cases

174.31 million to 232.42 million estimated actual infections (reported cases times 6 to 8)

46.1 million have received at least 1 vaccine dose (assuming the vast majority were never infected before)

Therefore about 220.41 million to 278.52 Americans have immunity.

As a percentage, about 67.16% to 84.86% of the 328.2 million US population has immunity.


covidAnthony Fauci estimates the herd immunity threshold for COVID-19 to be between 70% and 90%.

Currently 1.366 million doses are being administered daily, the rate of administration has been hampered by weather. Also the J&J vaccine is likely to be approved soon. This will increase rates. Once the weather improves and the J&J vaccine is approved, expect a rate of at least 1.7 million per day. But if we assume an average of just 1.6 million doses per day, in a longest case scenario (of actual infections being only 6 times the rate of reported infections and 90% herd immunity being needed), herd immunity would be reached by about April 11th at the latest. Unfortunately, by March, vaccine supply is predicted to surpass demand, because much of the population does not want to get any vaccine.


Get ready for government to implement measures to force people to get these experimental, non-FDA approved vaccines (example - vaccine certificate required to board a flight, required by employer, etc). Juxtapose this against the fact that the most vulnerable population will already have been vaccinated. COVID-19 deaths will plunge. By summer, the people ought to revolt if businesses are not allowed to reopen. End the lockdown insanity.


Media smears Rush Limbaugh

2/17/2021 -- The media has always hated Rush Limbaugh because he not part of their groupthink. It doesn't take much just to merely subconsciously shape some people's opinions. The media started with a headline designed to stigmatize Limbaugh as being other than centrist. They couldn't just call him "talk radio host". They labeled him as 'conservative' talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. If it were a left-wing commentator or comedian who died, such as Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, John Oliver or Stephen Colbert, do you think the media would label them as 'liberal'? No. This is part of moving the line in the sand so that left-wingers are middle-of-the-road, straight up the middle, and normal. But if you're not in line with their left-wing groupthink, then you get stigmatized into a category in order to train people into believing that someone like Rush Limbaugh was abnormal.


The rest of the media's reporting on Rush Limbaugh was a left-wing opinion piece. They reported as if it were a fact that he was 'divisive', 'sexist' and 'racist'. Because Rush's political views were at odds with the Democrats, that made him 'divisive'. Questioning Barack Obama's birth certificate is of the opinion of the media, racist. Limbaugh pointing out that the media wanted Donavan McNab to win the super bowl because of the pigmentation of his skin... racist. And of course women have a shield and can never be challenged. So when Rush made the prostitute analogy about Susan Fluke wanting free birth control, Rush became a lightning rod and called 'sexist'. The left loves to have bulletproof communicators. We've seen this with the Parkland students. We've seen this with Greta Thunberg. You can't debate children otherwise you're being insensistive.


Other lefty media outlets didn't hold back their left-wing biases at all...









A timeline of government contradicting themselves on COVID-19

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The data is in:

California's lockdown measures did not help




2-15-2021 -- In looking at California's data, you would conclude that closing indoor dining, imposing curfews and closing outdoor dining made the virus worse! In fact, doing so only caused people to get together at their homes. The "experts" don't seem to understand that humans are social creatures. And in looking at the data, you might conclude that opening outdoor dining, helped flatten the curve.


Despite the fact that masks and lockdowns don't help, the media continues to double down. They're already calling for people to continue to wear masks even after getting vaccinated. California continues to ban indoor dining, and only allows people from the same household to sit at outdoor restaurant tables. Schools also remain closed.


David Hogg: The poster boy for liberal privilege

2-14-2021 -- David Hogg was originally embraced by the left-wing media because he loudly preached their anti-gun narrative. Best of all, because he was still a child at the time, he could never be challenged.


Hogg was able to further cash in on his liberal privilege by getting accepted into Harvard. According to TMZ, he scored a 1270 SAT score. If true, this would put his score at 190 points below the average score of the bottom 25% of accepted students.


Hogg has now hatched the idea of creating a pillow to compete with Mike Lindell's My Pillow. It's just an idea in its infancy, yet the media immediately rushed to give him millions of dollars worth of free advertising. While designing a pillow isn't rocket science, Hogg hasn't even created a design yet. Will it be a soft, firm or medium firm pillow? Will it be white in color, or would that be a no-no because white symbolizes white supremacy? Will it be made of feathers, goose down, polyester or polyurethane foam?


Hogg will easily be able to raise money to capitalize his company. For fear of being cancelled, all of the 'woke' big box stores will agree to stock his pillow in their stores, sight unseen. And the media will have a vested interest in promoting and puffing up the pillow. There is literally no way for Hogg to screw this up. Liberal privilege on steroids.


Old technology Johnson & Johnson vaccine likely coming very shortly after February 26th

2-12-2021 -- For anyone who is hesitant about getting the Pfizer or Maderna experimental vaccines, which use brand new mRNA technology, you might want to hang tight and wait for Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, which is scheduled for review by the FDA and advisors on Feb 26, 2021. Approval could happen very shortly afterwards. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses the old (tested) adenovirus vector technology. So does the AstraZeneca vaccine, but its FDA review is not expected until as late as April, it requires two doses and its use was halted in South Africa because it only provided "minimal protection" against mild and moderate cases. Experts are still hopeful that the AstraZeneca vaccine will work well in protecting against severe cases.


J. Bart Classen is a veteran immunologist who says that “RNA-based COVID vaccines have the potential to cause more disease than the epidemic of COVID-19.” Classen has expressed concern about how vaccinations in general can give rise to chronic conditions such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes, three of four years down the line. Classen also has concerns about the potential for mRNA type vaccines to cause chronic degenerative neurological diseases as well as “multiple other potential fatal adverse events."


As of Feb 4, 2021 there have been 653 deaths and 12,044 other injuries following COVID-19 vaccinations. 602 of the deaths were in the US. The average age of those who died was 77, and the youngest was 23.


The J&J vaccine was 72% effective against mild illness, and 85% against severe illness, and no one was hospitalized or died 28 days after getting the vaccine. While the Pfizer and Maderna vaccines were 95% effective against mild illness, they were tested at different points in time than the J&J vaccine, when the virus was less prevalent. Therefore the efficacy ratings of Pfizer and Maderna may actually be more in line with J&J.


While you can't ask for a specific vaccine, you can always go 'vaccine fishing' by declining the vaccine they they are giving at a particular location, then keep making appointments until you finally get the vaccine that you want. If they don't tell you in advance which vaccine is being administered at a particular site, you might try asking if only one dose is required. Pfizer, Maderna and AstraZeneca require two doses. Johnson & Johnson only requires one dose. Keep in mind that by March 2021, there is predicted to be a glut of vaccine availability, as supply of vaccines catches up with demand. By that time, you may be able to pick and choose which vaccine you want. If you don't want to get vaccinated, then prepare for an onslaught of politicians, government technocrats (Anthony Fauci, etc), social media and the mockingbird media trying to convince you that there is nothing that can go wrong in getting an experimental vaccine that has been rushed to market.



LucasFilm/Disney's bigotry and hypocrisy on full display as they

fire Gina Carano, but leave Pedro Pascal alone

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World Health Organization proves once again that

it is nothing more than a PR firm

2-9-2021 -- Back in June 2020, the WHO was exposed as being beholden to the medical establishment. A few emails is all it took to cause them to flip and flop.


Today the WHO declared that coronavirus is unlikely to have leaked from China's Wuhan lab. Anyone with common sense has to ask, how the hell can anyone ever come to such a conclusion. It seems too much of a coincidence that a bio lab is in Wuhan and COVID-19 just happens to have also emanated from Wuhan. We will never know for sure unless people squeal. Until then proximity is a very, very strong clue. A better question for debate is whether the virus was released intentionally or unintentionally. Given that the virus transmits so easily, this suggests that it is very possible that it was unintentionally released.


Bank of America 'spied' on its customers

2-9-2021 -- We have added Bank of America to our "worst" of boycotted companies.


Jeep's political Super Bowl ad

an underhanded attack on Republicans

and a parroting of the Democrats victory message

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Joe Biden's America

2-4-2020 -- Remember when the media compared coronavirus deaths under Trump to the number of people who died on 911 and to the number of US soldiers who died in Vietnam?


We're now just 16 days into the Joe Biden presidency. Already, 48,473 Americans have died of COVID-19 on Joe Biden's watch. That's more than all of the US soldiers who died in Vietnam. That's 16 times more deaths than 911.


Media silent.


Big Tech putting ideology ahead of profits

2/4/2020 -- In the latest example of censorship, Facebook stopped accepting ads for the Gavin Newsom recall. Facebook is also famous for closing down conservative accounts, and encouraging users to leave the platform by censoring conservative speech.


But, shutting down President Trump's social media accounts was a loud and clear shot across the bow. Millions of people were triggered into defecting to alt-tech. Parler was caught off guard, not having their own hosting infrastructure. Gab and Minds planned for this day long ago and so they were not deplatformed. Gab however, either didn't have the capacity to handle the sudden surge of new traffic and/or wasn't adequately prepared to stop DOS attacks.


Once Trump announces his new platform of choice, expect and even bigger wave of users defecting from Big Tech. Then over time, even more people will take note, including people in other countries. The founder of Gab anticipates an exodus to alt-tech over the next 12 to 18 months. Poland and Hungary are already planning to take measures to thwart Big Tech censorship. It's a slippery slope for Twitter, Facebook, et al to moving more in the direction of MySpace.


It's not just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. Many hosting platforms and other web services companies are driving business elsewhere. Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, Word Press, Cloudfare, Voxility and Amazon AWS have kicked conservatives off of their platforms, simply sending them to alternate hosts like Epik.com or to build their own hosting infrastructure.


From a business perspective, this is lunacy. 74 + million people is nothing to scoff at. Do shareholders care?


How the medical establishment rushed to judgment on mask mandates, then paniced when the WHO's Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove contradicted their groupthink

Click here for the article.



Will Trump run in 2024? It doesn't matter

1-29-2021 -- At 78, will Trump be to old? Will he decide to enjoy his time on the gold course? Will the senate convict? Count the latter out because Republicans know not to commit party and career suicide. Either way, it doesn't matter. As Democrats, RINO's and the media cheer on impeachment, what they don't seem to understand is that Donald Trump's agenda will not vanish even if they could prevent him from running again. Donald Trump has forever changed the Republican party. The cat is out of the bag. Republican voters will demand real border protection (not lip service), pro-fracking, pro-oil, pro-business, anti-censorship, anti-global warming hysteria, nationalism, anti-identity politics, etc. Future candidates other than Trump will probably be more careful with their words, but not too careful. Any wishy washy stance on these issues will turn off voters, and simply draw favor to that candidate who takes a decisive stand. Republican voters will not accept another George Bush type, giving lip service. And certainly people like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski have absolutely zero chance of winning any Republican voter support.


Trump has created a clear and obvious formula to win over Republican voters. Despite 5 years of media smears and attacks on Trump, Republican voters have never wavered in their support of him. That speaks loudly and clearly to any future candidate.


Besides Trump, who else is on the 2024 presidential short-list? Those who objected to the 2020 election results have already instantly stamped their way onto that list. Those include Rick Scott, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz and Ted Cruz. Florida governor Ron DeSantis may actually be the frontrunner. And lastly, the wild card -- Don Junior could send the swamp into a tailspin!


Some cite Nikki Haley as a 2024 hopeful simply because she served in Trump's cabinet, however Nikki has been at odds with Trump a few too many times. She once demanded that Trump release his tax returns. She attacked Trump over a Jake Tapper CNN interview. She walks and talks like a RINO when it comes to the wall and illegal immigration. And Nikki did not fall in line with supporting Trump's Muslim country immigration ban. When the alt-left Washington Post speaks glowingly of Nikki, that's when you know that she's not the right candidate.


UPDATE 2/12/2021: Nikki Haley has slammed the door on her ever being a Republican presidential contender. Her words on Trump... "We need to acknowledge he let us down. He went down a path he shouldn't have. And we shouldn't have followed him. And we shouldn't have listened to him. We can't let that ever happen again." Nikki also said "When I tell you I’m angry, it’s an understatement" and she said she was "disgusted" by Trump. Well, we are disgusted by Nikki Haley (RINO). It's no surprise that Trump refused to have a meeting with Nikki at Mir-a-Lago. And when the rabidly left-wing Newsweek ridiculously calls Nikki the Republican 'frontrunner' for 2024, that's when you know she's the wrong candidate and has zero chance.


Davos World Economic Forum = Academy Awards drivel

1-28-2021 -- Watching the 2021 Davos World Economic Forum was no different than watching Hollywood's limousine liberals at the Academy Awards give us morality lectures while patting each other on the back. It was the usual elite thinkers who know what's best for us... wealth redistribution (AKA socialism), climaphobia, dividing based on race and gender (divide and conquer), etc.


France's Emanuel Macron (GLOBALIST) had his true colors on full display when he regurgitated the same old climate hysteria and declared that capitalism "can no longer work".


Germany's Angela Merkel (GLOBALIST) preached about "fair distribution" of COVID-19 vaccines. She argued that wealthy nations should prioritize getting poor nations vaccinated. Sorry folks, but this is about life and death. The minute a leader wants to push their own citizens to the back of the line, they have lost their mind.


Canada's Justin Trudeau (GLOBALIST) preached noxious gender 'intersectionality'. He preached that companies should hire and promote simply because a worker has two X chromosomes, rather than merit.


The Davos globalists enjoyed not having Donald Trump around to rain on their parade. One of Joe Biden's campaign slogans was that he would get us "back on the world stage". It has a nice ring to it. If you're not on the "world stage" then you must be some sort of outcast. Right? Unfortunately, it's just a clever new name for globalism and socialism. Trump is a nationalist. He did not apologize for fighting for better trade deals and speaking out in favor of countries looking out for their own interests and borders. This agitated the globalists. They smeared Trump and called him "divisive", an "isolationist", etc.


If there was any bright spot at Davos 2021, that would be that Boris "Brexit" Johnson chose not to attend. He called the World Economic Forum “a great big constellation of egos involved in massive mutual orgies of adulation”.


Time to fully reopen the economy VERY soon --

We could have herd immunity by the end of February!

1-28-2021 -- Anthony Fauci claims that herd immunity is possible by fall, and that we can get back to 'normality' by the end of 2021. REALLY??? Let's fact check him by the numbers.


The latest herd immunity estimates for COVID-19 are between 70% and 90%. Therefore we can already project that we may achieve herd immunity within as little as 30 days, by the end of February. That's assuming that, as estimated, 8 times more people have actually been infected with COVID-19 versus the official reported numbers. Other estimates have been between 6 and 8 times more. Furthermore, since we are vaccinating the elderly and other vulnerable people, the virus becomes even less of a threat, whether it's still circulating in great numbers or not.


210.7 million infections (26.338 million reported infections TIMES estimated 8 actual infections)

3.3 million estimated new infections in the next 30 days.

15 million estimated immune or partially immune -- 23.7 million vaccine shots already administered (some in the last 2 weeks are second shots for one person)

15 million additional estimated to be at least partially immune in 30 days -- 1.26 million vaccine shots are being administered per day = 37.8 (assume that half are receiving their second shot, and that shots received later in the month take a few more weeks to take effect).

244 million TOTAL immune divided by 330 million US population = 73.9%


One additional month of vaccinations and infections could bring us to about 80% of the US population being immune. That's assuming that there's 8 times more infections than officially reported.


NOTE: A November 2020 poll found that 39% of Americans don't want to get vaccinated. That would indicate that just over 201 million want to get vaccinated. It is estimated to take about 7 months to vaccinate 61% of the population.


UPDATE for 2/11/2021: 167.94 million to 223.92 million Americans are estimated to have actually been infected (6 to 8 times 27.99 million reported cases). 48 million vaccine doses have been administered. 19.2 million of those doses are estimated to be second doses administered to the same individual (40/60 rule). That leaves 28.8 million people who have received one shot and have 50% protection level against the virus. And so, 19.2 million divided by 2 equals 38.4 million people who presumably have enough immunity to avoid becoming so sick that they require hospitalization.

Therefore we estimate that 206.34 million to 262.32 million Americans are immune or immune enough. That puts us currently at 62.5% to 80% of Americans. While Anthony Fauci has estimated the herd immunity threshold to be between 70% and 90%, we need to consider that the most vulnerable people have been getting vaccinated first. The people who are last in line are not at any great risk. This makes for an even greater case to reopen the economy now.


The 1957 flu season was only 1/3 less deadly

than COVID-19 in 2020

In 2020 one out of every 970 Americans died of COVID-19. That assumes that the death numbers have not been skewed to the upside by hospitals getting paid extra for treating COVID patients. In 1957, one out of every 1,482 people died of the flu. Did you ever hear about the US economy being shut down in 1957?


1957 - 116,000 flu deaths - 172 million US population - 0.00067% death date

2020 - 341,199 COVID-19 deaths - 331 million US population - 0.001% death rate


Vaccine 'Equity' - 'People of color' unknowingly

being prioritized as guinea pigs

In Los Angeles, one of the reasons they have literally had to dump out vaccines and are falling behind on administering the COVID-19 vaccines is because 'people of color' have been prioritized to the front of the line because they have been dying of COVID-19 at 3 times the rate as white people, and therefore the virus is racist. They gave this prioritization policy a happy name: 'Equity'. But those people of color being rushed to the front of the line are essentially volunteering as guinea pigs to test out these rushed vaccines, which have never been adequately tested. It normally takes 5 years to figure out if a vaccine is safe. Both the Pfizer and Maderna vaccines use brand new MRNA technology. These are experimental vaccines that were authorized by the FDA for emergency use based on just two months of clinical trial data. There are unknown risks regarding auto immune diseases, pathogen priming / antibody dependent enhancement, risk of infertility for women of child bearing age, and according to immunologist J. Bart Classen, possibly even neurological disorders (from the mRNA vaccines) that may take years to come to light.


Already, 55 Americans and 29 Norwegians have died following COVID vaccinations. By the way, notice how the mainstream media has buried these stories because Democrats now control the Whitehouse, Senate and House. Suddenly they actually care about the economy because it now reflects on them. And, for what it's worth, the real reason that 'people of color' are dying at 3 times the rate of white people in Los Angeles, is not because of the pigmentation of their skin, but rather because of the fact that more 'people of color' tend to live in crowded living environments (example: 12 people per household).


Shutting down schools has a silver lining

Schools remain closed or partially closed in most states despite the fact that more children died of influenza in 2018 - 2019 than have died of COVID-19.


Deaths involving COVID-19 as of January 21, 2021

39 deaths - under 1 year old

21 deaths - 1 to 4 years old

58 deaths - 5 to 14 years old

525 deaths - 15 to 24 years old


Deaths from influenza in 2018 - 2019 season

266 deaths - 0 to 4 years old

211 deaths - 5 to 17 years old


Keeping schools closed damages the economy, it further devalues the dollar, stunts learning and causes more depressed kids to kill themselves. The Democrats have decided that pleasing the powerful teacher's unions will translate to more votes and campaign money. Also keeping people dependent on stimulus checks and unemployment checks translates to more psychological control of the people. But there's one silver lining. One less year in the classroom means one less year of left-wing indoctrination by liberal teachers. That could pay off for Republicans in future elections.


Geriatric Joe's 1/14/2021 Speech: Deception of Perception

The theme of Biden's speech was that finally, finally, Democrats are "coming to rescue" you! "We cannot afford inaction" Biden declared, falsely implying that the Trump administration is doing nothing or neglecting something. Yawn...


Let's review: Democrat governors and mayors suppressed their local economies as well as the overall US economy through Draconian lockdowns. Now, surprise, surprise, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is suddenly calling for bars and restaurants to reopen, and New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is suddenly against the lockdowns. It's only five days after Biden took office and California governor Gavin Newsom has suddenly decided to reopen outdoor dining when there are 4,395 ICU patients and 17,037 non-ICU patients. When Newsom first shut down outdoor dining, there were only 1,086 ICU patients and 3,032 non-ICU patients. And suddenly Biden has unearthed a way to reopen schools -- but of course, in order to make that happen, he just needs money for the schools, AKA money for the teacher's union, which is always beholden to the Democrats.


These sudden shifts in policy have nothing to do with science and everything to do with DNC politics.


They're setting the stage. Inevitably more and more people will get vaccinated, and inevitably the virus will play itself out because virus spikes always burn themselves out after about 70 days. We are also approaching herd immunity even without the vaccine. According to the CDC, as many as 8 times as many Americans have been infected than has been reported. Therefore 206,826 million Americans have already been infected by COVID-19 -- That's 25.853 million cases times 8. Everyone knows that the pandemic is coming to an end soon and inevitably the economy will come bouncing back.


But the Democrats think that you are stupid -- That you won't notice why things got better. You'll think that getting rid of Trump and the Republican led Senate paved the way for the Biden administration to 'take action'.


Biden also implied that vaccine roll out problems have been a Federal problem. It has not been a Federal government problem. The vaccines have already been distributed. It has been a failure of some state and local governments to administer the vaccine. A prime example of failure is California, where 2.8 million doses of vaccine have been distributed to the state, but as of 1/14/2021, California has only administered less than one-third of those doses. By contrast, West Virginia has already administered nearly 70% of the vaccine doses it has received.


Destroying the economy and jobs also creates a pretext for Democrats to implement some of their other projects -- Higher minimum wage, dump money into green energy, bail out broke states like California, create more dependence on government, etc.


Biden also laughably called for unity among parties... as Democrats are once again trying to impeach Trump for political reasons! 'Unity' to democrats really means 'give us what we want'.


Google, Apple and Amazon's assault on free speech

Google and Apple launched a simultaneous attack on the social media platform Parler by banning the Parler cell phone app. Next, seemingly to be a coordinated attack, Amazon followed suit by completely kicking Parler off of their web server. As of Jan 11, 2021 Parler is offline because of Amazon! Now more than ever, freedom loving people should boycott these companies.


Twitter and Facebook shareholders brace for pain

Shares of Twitter have dropped 12.24% since Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump, who had a whopping 88 million followers. The downward fall may have begun days before the 'official' announcement of the banning of Trump. Twitter shares are down 17.15% since January 4th. And over at Facebook, they banned Trump at least until his term is over. You can read the writing on the wall: Trump is not coming back to Facebook either.


Donald Trump is considering building his own social media site. It makes perfect sense that Trump will move to some other platform where he will insist on retaining at least 51% ownership so that he can't be banned in the future. When that announcement comes, expect a mass exodus of Trump's followers.


It isn't just about Trump. Twitter and Facebook have gained bad reputations as the platforms of censorship. Yet another great advertisement for this yet to be determined platform. Investors will always have MySpace in the backs of their minds. In the months to come, this will cast a cloud over Facebook and especially Twitter. These companies are putting ideology ahead of profits. This has to be turning off investors. Some of this is baked into share prices, but once Trump makes his platofrm announcement, expect more stock blood bath for TWTR especially.


Blue state governors and mayors continue to destroy their economies

According to the data and numerous studies, lockdowns do not work. Yet, blue state governors continue to impose Draconian lockdowns and curfews. STORY


Gold peddlers ramp up ads

We know that Democrats like to spend, spend, spend. With Democrats owning the Whitehouse, House and Senate, what's to stop them from driving the national debt further through the roof? Hopefully Joe Manchin. Hopefully congressional leaders who are on the chopping block in two years. But, with the House moving towards Republicans gaining back control, expect the spend-happy Biden administration to tack on another 10 trillion in national debt in just year one.


The US debt to GDP ratio stands at about 127%. 20 years ago it was at 55%. The world bank estimates the "tipping point" of debt to GDP at about 77%.


Either way, anyone who suggests that we're now Germany circa 1920, and hyperinflation is just around the corner is spreading hysteria. Nobody knows. Our national debt could eventually go to 100 trillion and beyond. Trying to time the destruction of the dollar by loading up on gold now is a fools game that's been going on for years now. Never forget that gold is just one of many hedges against inflation. So are many other assets such as oil, natural gas, farmland, and to a lesser degree commercial real estate. Even stocks can be a hedge against inflation.


Is the 'UK variant' of COVID-19 really more virulent?

The so-called experts are declaring that there is a new variant of COVID-19 that is more virulent. But the experts have been wrong and flip-flopped so many times that we should never take what they say as fact. Common sense says that this could be a case of Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy. We know that viruses have seasonal peaks. Don't be surprised if at some point in time after the virus has died down, they say "Sorry. We misinterpreted a seasonal spike in cases as the virus being more virulent."


It's RINO season again!

It feels like it's 2016, pre-Republican primary, when 'outsider' Donald Trump invaded the Republican fraternity. Trump derangement syndrome has reached such a feverish pitch that the closet RINO's just can no longer resist coming out. Some we always knew about, but others are somewhat surprising. Here the congressional leaders who crossed party lines. We have highlighted in red the ones who have no business voting to impeach:

Liz Cheney (RINO) WY - Well, she put on an act for a while. Liz is the daughter of Dick Cheney, who was vice-president under George W. Bush. Jeb Bush was supposed to be president until Donald Trump bulldosed him. Liz is obviously beholden to the Bush family. Trump won Wyoming by a whopping 41%. Siding against Trump is political suicide for Liz Cheney. Bye bye.

Tom Rice (RINO) SC - Trump won Tom's district by 19%. Bye bye.

Dan Newhouse (RINO) WA - Trump won Dan's district by 18%. Bye bye.

Adam Kinzinger (RINO) MO - Trump won Dan's district by 16%. Bye bye.

Anthony Gonzalez (RINO) OH - Trump won Dan's district by 15%. Bye bye.

Fred Upton (RINO) MI - Trump won Dan's district by 4%. Take note Michgan.

Jaime Herrera Beutler (RINO) WA - Trump won Dan's district by 4%. Take note Washington.

Peter Meijer (RINO) MI - Beat out incumbent who voted to impeach Trump in 2019. Keep trying Michigan.

John Katko (RINO) NY - Evenly divided district.

David Valadao (RINO) CA - Biden won his district by 10%.


Here's the seven RINO senators who ultimately crossed party lines and shamelessly voted not to impeach Trump. We have highlighted in red the ones who have no business voting to impeach:

Mitt Romney (RINO) UT - Trump beat Biden in Utah by 20.5%. Romney is soooo gone.

Ben Sasse (RINO) NE - Trump beat Biden in Nebaska by 19%. Sasse is soooo gone.

Bill Cassidy (RINO) LA - On 2/9/2021 Bill went full RINO, declaring the impeachment trial constitutional. Trump beat Biden in Luisiana by 18.6%.

Richard Burr (RINO) NC - Retiring in 2022. Trump beat Biden in North Carolina by 1.3%

Lisa Murkowski (RINO) AK - Trump beat Biden in Alaska by 10%. Murkowski is soooo gone.

Pat Toomey (RINO) PA - Retiring in 2022. Biden supposedly beat Trump in Pennsylvania by 1.2%, though this is disputed.

Susan Collins (RINO) ME - Biden beat Trump in Maine by 9.1%. Collins is however doing a tap dance for her Democrat majority state constituents. Feed them this bone, then hopefully she votes against packing the court and adding Washington DC as a state.


Honorable mention:

Mitch McConnell - Did not vote to impeach BUT he did vote to uphold the sham trial, and the anti-Trump vitriol coming out of his mouth is enough to anger voters in Kentucky. "Trump's actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty" said Mitch. Mitch is old and feeble and probably going to retire, but if he chooses to run again, he must be forced into retirement at the primaries! Trump beat Biden in Kentucky by 25.9%.




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