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List of Election Winners and Losers


Now that the election is over let's take a look at the winners and losers...



The American People - The people took back their country with their votes.

Rust belt states - Your lives matter!

The Electoral College - Worked as intended. Made the forgotten rust belt states relevant.

Shy Tory Factor - When you shame and intimidate people they simply become the silent majority.

The Internet - Money and mainstream TV and newspaper media were defeated by Internet truth.

The Republican Party - Resurrected in a matter of hours!

Gov. Chris Christie - Boldly broke from the Republican establishment.

Rudy Giuliani - Boldly broke from the Republican establishment.

Mike Pence - Boldly broke from the Republican establishment.

Newt Gingrich - Boldly broke from the Republican establishment.

Brexit - Protecting borders is not just a UK aberration!

Veterans - Trump to the rescue!

Briebart News - Had their fingers on the pulse of the people.
Sean Hannity - Had his finger on the pulse of the people.

Mike Savage - Had his finger on the pulse of the people.

Ann Coulter - Was laughed at by an audience of Liberals for saying that Trump had the best chance of winning the general election.

Judge Jeanine - The type of fearless, strong woman that Liberal snowflakes should really look up to.

WikiLeaks - Exposing corruption.

InfoWars - Once relegated to conspiracy nonsense, now actually relevant.

NewsBusters.org - Exposing Liberal bias

Stephan Molyneux - Free domain radio

Bill Belichick - Bold move for someone who has won 4 Superbowls.

Tom Brady - Bold move when others were taking knees to disrespect the national anthem.

Russia - For whatever reason they don't like Hillary. Mission accomplished.

Ross Perot - NAFTA would create a giant sucking sound of lost jobs. People aren't laughing now.

Ted Nugent - Before there was Axl Rose and David Lee Roth it was Ted. Bold as always.

Mike Ditka - Never afraid to speak his mind.

Kid Rock - "Let the business guy run the country like a business"

Mike Tyson - "Let’s try something new"

Terrell Owens - "This may be what the country needs"

Ivanka Trump - Her convention speech was a home run. Why isn't she Miss America?

Paul Joseph Watson - A millennial with his finger on the pulse of the people.

Bill Clinton's victims - They are feeling at least some justice.

Expatriation Tax - Hollywood snowflakes will suffer a major tax setback when they move to Canada.



Liberalism - This was the death of Liberalism.

Globalism / NAPFA - In the cross hairs.

Hypocrisy - You can't attack Trump when Hillary is worse.

Pandering - Didn't work.

Propaganda - The American people were much smarter than the Liberal propaganda machine.

Political Correctness - A cancer that was radiated.

Entitled Snowflakes - Deal with it. You got schlonged.

Protestors / Anarchists / Rioters - You only inspired more Trump votes.

Cronie Capitalism / Big Money Donors - Lots of money doesn't guarantee a victory.

CNN - Clinton News Network. They spread their propaganda but the people were smarter.

MSNBC - More Liberal propaganda -- not news.

Chris Matthews - Heard saying "Well that's a bitch" on MSNBC when Trump won North Carolina.

Mainstream Media - The rest of them including newspapers like the LA Times, NY Times all failed.

Polls - Epic fail.

Media collusion with Clinton champaign - Didn't help.

Voter Intimidation - You can't intimidate anyone inside a voter booth.

Illegal immigrant votes - Not enough.

California - It doesn't matter how concentrated your base is. You're still just 55 electoral votes. The electoral college protests America from bully states like California and New York.

Obama - Falling on deaf ears.

Paul "RINO" Ryan - Rendered insignificant.

John McCain - On the wrong side again.

The Bush family - Got bull dosed by Trump.

The Clintons - Sent into retirement for good.

Ted Cruz - Got bull dosed by Trump.

Elizabeth Warren - Loudmouth, like Hillary on steroids.

Syrian Refugees - Would hate our culture anyway.

George Soros - Wanted open borders and increased Muslim immigration. The people did not!

Robert De Niro - Obnoxious, outspoken anti-Trump Hollywood spokeshole.

Mark Cuban - Out of touch with American people, hedged his investments for crash that never came.

Hollywood Snowflakes - You sleep on a bed of money and have no connection with the middle class.

Lady Gaga - So annoying when musicians instruct us on how to think / vote.

Bon Jovi - So annoying when musicians instruct us on how to think / vote.

Katy Perry - So annoying when musicians instruct us on how to think / vote.

Alec Baldwin - We don't need to be told how to think / vote.

Lebron James - Just stick to playing basketball.

Samuel L. Jackson - “If that mother f---er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa.”

Miley Cyrus - “I am moving if he is president. I don’t say things I don’t mean!”

Barbara Streisand - “I’m either coming to your country if you’ll let me in, or Canada.”

Cher - “I’m moving to Jupiter.”

Amy Schumer - Off to Spain.

Meryl Streep - Reciting old debunked talking points about a disabled reporter.

Chelsea Handler - Made contingency plans a month ahead of the election.

Saturday Night Live - Pro-Hillary show. If you had any doubts about SNL being anything less than Liberal propaganda, just watch the opening to the November 12th show.

Jon Stewart - Liberal talk show that parades these loud celebrities.

Jimmy Kimmel - Liberal talk show that parades these loud celebrities.

Stephen Colbert - Liberal talk show

Whoopi Goldberg - “maybe it’s time for me to move"

George Lopez - Moving back to Mexico.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - With a name this long she should move to New Zealand!

Al Sharpton - "reserving my ticket out of here"

Drake - Moving as well.

Megyn Kelly - Part of the CNN propaganda machine.

Syrian Refugees - They would hate it here anyway. Culture clash.

The Mexican Peso - Going down...

Illegal Immigration - Citizenship is not a cheap suit that you can steal.

Sanctuary Cities - No more Federal funding.

The race card - Once and for all, enforcing immigration law is not 'racist'. Every country has immigration laws.

The woman card - People actually care about issues over X chromosome count.

The Clinton Foundation - Will heads finally roll upon further investigation?

Macy's - It's a two way street. Trump supporters are now boycotting Macy's.

GrubHub - People are now boycotting this Liberal site.

MoveOn.org - That ugly word "progressive".

George Clooney - "There's not going to be a president Donald Trump. That's not gonna happen."

Sarah Silverman - From Hillary to Bernie Sanders (bad to worse)

The Young Turks - Sore losing Liberals

Huffington Post - Ultra-Liberal propaganda thinly disguised as "news".

Casey Neistat - Met, worked with and was thanked by Hillary. Why should we care what he thinks?

Fireworks - Hillary's premature party plans.


Famous last words of hypocrisy


"He refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Make no mistake -- By doing that he is threatening our democracy." -- Hillary Clinton


"The peaceful transition of power is one of the things what sets us apart. It's how we hold our country together no matter who's in charge" -- Hillary Clinton


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