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Basic Rules - 8 basic rules to protect you from financial disasters.

ETF's - The investments that you should be investing in.

Efficient Market Hypothesis - Sounds geeky but you need to know what it is.

Ponzi Schemes - Outright theft of your investment money.

The Pros & Cons of Annuities - The risk of taking too little risk.

Top Lies About Annuities - How Mr. Adviser tricks you into dumping money into that annuity.

Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life - Avoid them all. Go with Term Life Insurance instead.

Other - Oddball investments that you should be avoiding.

Pump & Dump - Microcap stock fraud.

Film Investing - An extreme long shot.

Mutual Funds - Are you being fleeced by your commission hungry broker?

Types of Advisers - You choices in deciding what to do with your money.

Do It Yourself - How to invest by yourself. It's easy.

Gold - What you need to know.

Private Equity - The easiest way to lose all of your money.

Bonds - The other bread & butter investment besides stocks.

Non-traded REIT's - Risky and underperform the indexes.

Real Estate - Has risk just like any other investment.

Diversification - Don't just own stocks. Owning bonds too is critical!

Market Timing - You're more likely to get it wrong and miss the train.

Day Trading - Don't do it!

Penny Stocks - Avoid!

Beware of Fee-Based Fiduciary Advisors - Consumer alert!

Why fees matter - Even small fees can put a tremendous drag on your returns.

Other ways people lose lots of money.

1929 Stock Market Crash causes.

Back testing a low risk 28/72 portfolio during worst of times.

Article 1 - With Stocks Down, Product Pushing Salesmen Smell Blood

InvestingAdviceWatchDog Declares City of San Francisco a Fascist Organization

Review of Ken Moraif Money Matters asset management service

Review of Greg Fox My Investment Answers - As heard on AM 870 The Answer.

Review of Tony Robbins and index annuities

Links to other sites.

Some of the most desperate and absurd truther lies about 911.

Even more of the most desperate and absurd truther lies about 911.

Global Warming debunked

Boycott list of left-wing companies

Why Masks don't help in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Media Bias and Democrat hypocrisy regarding coronavirus

Santa Monica business climate post riots

Wall of Shame: Liberal Bigots

Meet some of the alleged criminals from the Santa Monica riots!

Democrats adopt Bill Maher's election game plan

Trump / Clinton election winners and losers.

CNN Bias - A telling tale one day before the election.

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